Of stardust and mystique

Only they knew what they had.
He was north and she was south, but they still fell for each other.
It was a pull so strong, like a tornado coming and claiming what is its. It was like ocean waves engulfing something and taking it away …it wasn’t something neither of them could have a control of. Like one moment you are sitting , getting to know each other, then suddenly you don’t even know it, and you’ve reached a point where you know leaving this person behind is going to be like cutting out a piece of your flesh. It’s going to hurt that much.
They knew it. Both of them. But they couldn’t resist. This wasn’t just a happy coincidence or serendipitous..it was more than that. It was cosmic. They somewhere knew their souls had crossed paths before.
Otherwise how do you explain a connection so deep?
It’s not just about being attracted or connected or feeling butterflies in the stomach on seeing each other or talking endlessly and never wanting that talking to end. It’s about how they could feel the other’s  pain deep in their heart. Like their own.
While they were together. And EVEN AFTER THAT.
That is why! Only they knew what they had. It was stuff made of star dust and mystic and the universe and cosmos. Not many get to have it.

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