In the songs on my playlist that I skip..

In the songs on my playlist that I skip,

In the pictures in albums that I look through,

In the forgotten poems written on the old diary,

In the fragrances I sometimes run into..

In the parcels embraced in dust, on my loft,

In the looking away from the tattered notes I find,

In the old favorite song we once shared,

In the cafe I pass by on a silent night…

In the facebook memories that i shun,

In the posts from your friends that i hide,

In blocked numbers and search histories,

In the folders untouched on my hard drive…

On misty mornings and on wintry nights,

In bonfires lit by roadsides,

In the color splashed faces,

In the couples zipping on their rides,

On beaches, on walks, on long drives,

In the stolen tears in a movie,

In a dialogue someone recites..

In the eccentric guy dancing at the bar,

In the full moons,

and sometimes while looking at the stars;

I find you and then let you go,

And find you again…only to lose you.  


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