Give me painfully honest… instead of a comforting lie.

When you meet me, know that I’m not a person who likes the conversation to be about weather and traffic even in our first meeting. I’m someone who digs depth. Show me depth. In emotions. In stories. In memories of your childhood. In your interpretation of even the day to day life stuff.

Talk to me in the language of dreams, aspirations, plans for the future and things you really do believe in and have faith in.  There is nothing more attractive than somebody believing in something with all their heart and setting up big goals for their future. I’ll have immense respect for you cause you did not just settle.

I will gladly listen. And talk all about my dreams, aspirations and childhood memories too.

I believe in welcoming a new person with open arms, without judgement. Having what you feel on your face isn’t always the best thing. But I’m one of those. So if I develop even one percent of liking for you, you will know immediately. And if I don’t, you will know that too. You won’t have to figure it out. Respect that and don’t make me rack my brains about how you are feeling. I’m done with mind games. I’m done with mixed signals. Let’s be transparent. Let’s keep it simple.

If it ever happens that I’m hooked onto our conversations, I’ll unknowingly make you my priority. I will go all out and do things for you without doubt and be there for you at the drop of a hat. So don’t be the one putting in calculative efforts and manipulating emotions. Don’t be the one saying all the right things only on texts and never translating it into action. And don’t you ever, just say things in the moment to make it sound dreamy and romantic, if you do not mean it in all your heart. It’s the most off putting thing ever.

Know that I’m an “all in or all out” kind of a person. With me, please be the same. I do not appreciate half assed, half baked, almost there, but getting nowhere situations in life anymore. I’m way past them. I appreciate brutal honesty. I appreciate the truth that would rather hurt me than a lie that’s comforting only for a while. So do not lead me onto a direction, you have no intention of walking in.

If there is one thing out of all things that I’m certain of in life, its love and soul mates! Do not make me doubt it each time you do things that you do and make me trust the next one a little bit lesser.




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