The kind of people you must keep in your life.


So many people you cross paths with on a daily basis. Yet such less who manage to have a lasting impact.

In life, you will meet different kinds of people. You will meet people who are mere passersby. Some will just exchange a smile, while some will greet you with a hello, engage in some small talk & pass by. That’s what your relationship with them will be limited to all your life. These are the ones whose existence would make no difference.

The second kind are the ones who will stop by for more than a hello. They will develop a special kind of fondness for you. These people will walk this path with you for a little longer than the others, till its time for you two to go separate ways.

They will keep checking up on you, your people, your life. They will mean well for you and even give a shoulder to cry on in case you are having a bad day. These are the ones who will sympathize with you in pain and also be there to pat your back when you stand back on your feet after a fall.

And then there is this third type. The most special type of people you will encounter in your life. They will notice the twinkling in your eyes when you talk of a new love or a new found passion or your recent promotion at work. They will notice how your eyes dim and voice shivers when you talk about an unrequited love, a friendship gone sour or why you don’t feel close to your parents anymore.

When you say you are full of fear and doubt they will in no way make you feel like you lack something or question your faith in the universe. They know what a person who has been moulded time and again with experiences of the past, is capable of feeling. They will remind you how you’ve come out stronger after every fall.  They will applaud you for coming such a long way, when you happen to forget it.

When you talk of demons that still trouble you deep down in your soul & fears that hold you back, they will not just listen to it all without judgement, but hold your hand and help you walk past the fear. They will help you believe you can overcome your biggest fears.

They will stay up with you on the darkest of your nights, while you pour out your heart like it was craving to be heard. These are the people who won’t just hear your stories and vanish after saying- “Things will get better.” These are the people who will walk the walk with you, till it gets better. And while doing that ensure they are putting a smile across that pretty face of yours.

These are the ones that will stick around. Near or far. Distance wouldn’t deter the bond. They are the ones who can feel your emotions in their bones, like their own.

These are the people you must keep in your life.

These are the once in a lifetime kinds. They are your soul mates. They are your tribe. They’ve been there for you, somewhere in a lifetime before. And here you meet them again. Treasure them. Love them. Never let them go.


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