To fall or not to fall…

It’s a fight you fight every single day.

The mind and heart are in a tug of war.

The mind knows, it weighs, it rationalizes, it reminds you of all the stitches on your heart.

It holds you back.

But the heart, it just wants to escape.

It wants to fall.

Just one more time. One last time.

It’s scared. But it says, what if I never take the chance.

May be this time he will catch and wouldn’t let me go.

May be this time it won’t bleed.

Inspite of having seen the shattering reality, it wants to believe.


And here you are

Caught in between in the warring mind and heart.

Sometimes giving in way too much,

& at times holding back with clenched fists, like a stubborn little kid.

Perpetually confused, whether you want it again or not.

Asking yourself repeatedly, to fall or not to fall.


Of course you want love, who doesn’t want love!

But the gut wrenching pain you went through,

that knocked the daylights out of you,

keeps coming in flashes,

knocking on the door of your mind,

playing havoc with the thoughts,

causing a storm in your stomach.


It is too much to take

& the decision will never be easy.

But keeping your heart in a cage,

is not what the heart’s meant for, pretty girl.

Let it fly, just one more time.

Trust the universe.

Release it.

And just breathe.


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